TWRA Concessions for 2018 Boating Season

Due to the outcry from TMA members TWRA has agreed to the following:

  1. TMA Members to continue their normal rental operations for 2018.
  2. 2018 will be an education year with no citations issued by TWRA for non-compliance with this law.
  3. A TWRA Officers who stops a rental vessel as part of a routine stop or for a violation will ask the renter for a “Safe Boating Certificate” and if they do not possess one, TWRA Officers will advise them to complete this rental as normal but before renting a vessel again, please take time to complete a “Safe Boating Course”.
  4. We Advise marinas to put language in their rental contract for this year that reads; “It is the renter’s responsibility to comply with all Tennessee Boating Laws and to have any boating safety certifications required by Tennessee Law”.


TMA in conjunction with Lobbyists Dustin Goforth will be drafting language to correct this law during the January 2019 start of legislative session.  Thanks to all the marinas for calling their legislator and getting involved in the legislative process.  Send us your feedback for the “Safe Boating Certification” law that you would like to see introduced in 2019.