Conley Bottom Resumes Operations

Conley Bottom was the scene of a massive fire early Monday morning, but since then workers have done a lot to get the docks ready for the start of the summer boating season.

New docks are built, gas pumps are installed and a new temporary office was established for the Wayne County marina. Conley Bottom was booked solid before the Monday fire, but owners say despite the damage, they will be able to honor every single reservation. None of the marina's rental boats suffered damage.

“It is just amazing to me how people come together in a time of need," June Slanker, who is visiting from Ohio, said. "Thank God there are people behind us. They are good to us for some many years. Good to everyone. They truly, truly are. It’s a blessing that they will get through this. They will rebuild.”

There will be a new office, cafe and store built, but those projects are not expected to start until this fall. Marina owners hope it will be ready for the boating season next summer.


Photo credit-WKYT