TN Tourism Commissioner and Senator Yager's First Visit to Sunset Marina after Grant Announcement

AMANDA HILL BOND, Pickett County Press

Original Story : 

Tennessee Department of Tourism Commissioner Kevin Triplett and
Senator Ken Yager made a special visit to Sunset Marina after the
announcement of the Waterways Accessibility for Tennessee Recreation
(WATR) grants last week.
Sunset Marina was one of several local marinas to receive the grant.

The Tennessee General Assembly authorized the Waterways Accessibility
for Tennessee Recreation (WATR) Grant Program in Fiscal Year
2016-2017 to improve and maintain access to Tennessee’s waterways.
A total of 41 applications were received and they were all able to be
awarded with some of the $500,000 grant money," said the Commissioner
The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development administers the WATR
program with the end result being improved services, improved
facilities, and improved experiences for tourists and recreational
boaters using Tennessee’s Waterways.
"We are proud that the Tennessee General Assembly recognizes the
economic impact that Tennessee’s Marinas make to the overall tourism
economy in our state," said Sunset Marina VP and General Manager Tom
  According to Allen, the grant money will be used to make repairs
and improvements to the Marina's infrastructure and floating docks.
Pickett County’s marinas contribute over $150,000.00 per year to
Pickett County in Army Corps' Rental Fees which is over and above the
state and local sales taxes and property taxes paid by marinas.

Allen estimates that Sunset Marina’s economic contribution in State
and Local Sales Taxes, property taxes, and fees paid to the U.S. Army
Corps to be over eight (8) million dollars since beginning operation
in 1994.
He also told the PRESS that Sunset Marina is one of only three
marinas designated as a Cumberland River Basin “Clean Marina” on Dale
Hollow Lake.  This designation recognizes that high standards have
been achieved in areas such as water safety; fuel supply; solid waste
disposal; recycling; hazardous material storage and stormwater

  As if the weather wasn't nice enough to help signify the beauty of
what our lake has to offer, as Commissioner Triplett arrived, two
bald eagles flew over the marina. Oddly enough, as Senator Yager
arrived, a Goodyear Blimp was flying over the lake. While I still
haven't figured out what that blimp was about, I think both of them
have a unique story to tell about their first visits to Sunset Marina
on beautiful Dale Hollow Lake.

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